WARMING DESIGN creates FUTURE MOBILITY SOLUTIONS: Advanced automotive exteriors and interiors within the ecosystem Future Mobility, as well as shaping the worlds of experience-design, object-design and spacial-design.

WARMING DESIGN is currently working on a series of Future Mobility Projects for international clients, including vehicles for Evergrande Automotive Group (New EV Brand “Hengchi”), FlyNow Aviation GmbH (Future Autonomous Personal Aviation Drone), and others.

WARMING DESIGN is lead by Anders Warming, whose design influence is ranging from the ground-breaking design of the first BMW Z4, through a vast range of production-designs for BMW and MINI – to a catalogue of future concept vehicles, most recently the 2016 MINI Vision Next 100 and the 2017 Borgward Isabella Concept. Anders Warming has had chief designer roles at the brands BMW, MINI and Borgward, adding up to a 20+ years top-design experience.


WARMING DESIGN is driven by the need to be on the forefront of the next design movement; by the need to create, innovate and go beyond the known: to be AHEAD OF THE WAVE!

We believe in the power of intelligent and next level technology in order to create strategically sustainable products. We aim to make the difference through the character of aesthetics and its perception. We believe that the future concept of design will stretch well beyond ‘regular’ car-design: we will increasingly move towards creating holistic mobility within urban architecture and connected digital experiences.

In these fast moving times every design process will focus increasingly on delivering credible design-answers to the “Why”. Why do we make it? For whom do we create it?

The aim is to influence the ecosystem of the future mobility-experience: to establish seamless links between the future customer touch-points and all aspects of a holistic connected experience.

Our DESIGN PROCESS is a three-step process: Exploring, Creating, & Perfecting!

The first process-step is analysing why a future customer should be attracted to the message of a given product-solution. What is the context of a given mobility-offering, and what are the incentives to build? Based on this strategic assessment, we move forward to the next steps embedding the topics of ‘what’ and ‘how’ to build?

We illustrate and communicate ‘where’ and ‘when’ the product – or the experience – will be presented to a potential future customer. Key component is considering every possible future aesthetic-development and how these relate to a customer’s future behaviour. We aim to be ‘slightly ahead of the wave’ in order to ensure a high level of newness and desirability at market-launch – and for a long time thereafter!

A design process should always be saturated with inspiration and openness. Looking into the future – creating the next new remarkable thing – will always be based on our personal conviction and experience, and we always emphasise the importance of reaching the highest level of dialogue between ourselves and our clients!

WARMING DESIGN is based in Munich, Germany within a modern and vibrant network of design, 3D modelling and development companies. WARMING DESIGN offers a wide range of design services for all local and international clients.


Anders Warming

Anders Warming is a highly successful and experienced designer, whose automotive designs have reached worldwide critical acclaim.

He was born in Denmark, grew up in the design-capital Copenhagen and has over 22 years international experience in the field of automotive design.

He has had chief-designer roles at brands like BMW, MINI and Borgward, adding up to a 10+ years top design management experience.

His design influence is ranging from the ground-breaking design of the first BMW Z4, through a vast range of production designs for BMW and MINI to a catalogue of future concept vehicles, most recently the 2016 MINI Next 100 Vision and the 2017 Borgward Isabella Concept.

Being an avid automotive painter, Anders Warming has always based his design expertise on the craft of drawing and visualising a 3D object. The art of real drawing and the high quality of each an every line on a page is very important to the creation of a remarkable future design vision.


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BMW Exterior Production Design: 2002 BMW Z4

BMW Exterior Concept Vehicles: 2003 BMW Gina Concept, 2006 BMW Mille Miglia Concept

BMW Interior Design: 2001 BMW X-Coupé

BMW Exterior Production Vehicles (overall Exterior responsible): second generation BMW 1-Series, initial phase BMW 2-Series, BMW 3- & 4-Series Programs (including Touring, 3-Series GT and initial phase 4-Series Gran-Coupé), 2010 5-Series Sedan, Touring (including M-Sport & M5), 5-Series GT, 2012 BMW 6-Series Coupé, Cabrio & Gran-Coupé (including M-Sport & M6), 2009 BMW X1, 2010 BMW X3, 2013 BMW X5 (all including M-Sport)

BMW Concept Vehicle (overall Exterior responsible): 2009 BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics

MINI Production Vehicles (overall responsible): 2013 3rd Generation New MINI (3-Door, 5-Door), 2015 MINI Cabrio, 2015 MINI Clubman, 2017 MINI Countryman

MINI Concept Vehicles (overall responsible): 2011 MINI Rocketman Concept, 2013 MINI Vision Concept, 2014 MINI Clubman Concept, 2014 MINI Superleggera Vision, 2015 MINI Clubman Vision Gran-Turismo, 2016 MINI Next 100 Vision

Borgward Concept Vehicle (overall responsible): 2017 Borgward Isabella Concept

Danish Design Council
Danish Designer of the Year

Danish Design Council
Special Award “Erik Herløws Rejselegat”

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